Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'm not an ardent Royalist.  Seems like an odd thing to say since we are a parliamentary democracy albeit with a constitutional monarchy bolted on for the tourists.  I suspect then my affiliation would likely be as a republican (note the small ‘r’).  I don't particularly find it offensive to talk about the Royal Wedding its just hyped beyond any level of reality and is probably an anaesthetic to aid worldwide society to cope with the global meltdown.  If I were to believe all I read then, as a subject of her majesty Queen Lizzie the second, I am to wish her prematurely balding grandson good fortune with his new social climber wife.  But I don't believe all I read, in fact, I feel just a little bit disappointed with myself for delving into the murky depths of tabloid gossip.

So I genuinely wish William and Kate all the best for the future and any pressure they can put on the government or the establishment to relinquish all of this constitutional monarchy nonsense, that would be good too.  Thanks for the day off!  

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