Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Battle continues

The latest WotR session with Eric has proven one of the most challenging yet. Coming off the back of a series of morale bashing defeats Eric has managed to capitalise on having "normal" dice rolls and card draws. The game has started well for the Free Peoples of middle earth, after 9 rounds comprising 92 actions, the ring bearers are poised to be declared in Minis Tirith and they have zero corruption. The Shadow forces however are not making it easy for them, after a punishing onslaught of Uruk Hai, Rivendell has fallen. Isengard then turned its attention to Rohan, Helms Deep falling after a failed rescue attempt by Gandalf and the Rohirrim. The Shadow forces are mustering at all points, it is now a race against time for both sides.

Look out for a full report on my games blog.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

It's a Small World

This 2-player version of Small World for the iPad

 (Vyvyan: “yes we’ve got a bloody video” )

                 is one of the best Apps so far! I played 3 games at lunch today. I do hope they expand it to more players, the table top mode would probably cope.  I wanted to write a review but this is better than I could do..