Friday, 11 March 2011

One Flu over the cuckoo's nest

I'm going mad.  Stuck in the house, sniffling and coughing.  I swing from feeling like the proverbial typhoid Mary, to an overwhelming sensation of discombobulation.  I have experienced that disconcerting sensation of observing your life and the world around you from the perspective of a third party.  It's not all bad news, I have so far avoided daytime TV but the resistance is waining.  Why does the influenza virus manage to persist?  It serves very little purpose other than to make us feel wretched for several days or weeks.  Last night I watched Wonders again with the fabulous Brian Cox and have been thrown into an existential crisis to which the only antidote was 2 episodes of Charlie Brookers, "How TV ruined our lives".  During wonders, it became clear that the duration of self-awareness that life in the universe will have is infinitesimally small.  So for this fleeting moment of awareness, this tiny experience of knowing itself through the existence of self aware matter, the Universe chooses to create flu.  What's that all about?  Well I've got time to sit and think about it.  Nice.

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