Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Favourite Movies of all time

Not such a simple question to answer.  Over on Simon's Blog he commented on the recent film Inception and how good he thought it was - whilst flying on a plane.  Level 1 of the dream if I remember correctly.  Still it sparked a little discussion on movies and I realised I hadn't recently reviewed my own "Ten Favourite Films of all time" list.  I wondered if Inception would make it on the list.  Thus, I have just recreated my list and shall record it for posterity and ridicule here on my own blog.  I used a system of brainstorming followed by directed selection.  Simply put, I tried to recall any movie that had had an impact on me during my life, I filtered many at this stage - all remaining get an honourable mention.  I suspect there is a certain amount of bias too, particularly if I had recently watched or discussed a move, but I tried to adjust for this.  I then asked myself the question, "If I could watch only one of these movies in the whole of the next year and no other, which would I watch?".  I also tried to adjust this for having watched recently.  When I had selected one, I looked at the remaining list and asked the same question prefaced with "of those left, ....".  During this process I remembered some more movies which either got added to the pool or noted.

Top 10
9) Memento 
Brainstorm Others
Nearly forgot
Starwars trilogy's
Terminator 2
Reservoir Dogs

Just about anything with:
Denzel Washington -
Russell Crowe -
Bruce Willis -


  1. Oh blast! forgot that one but I did watch it recently and pulled my neck cringing :-D

    Guess that's off the list then.... honourable mention though

  2. Oh no! I forgot fight club and about 5 others that should really be on my list of possibles. In fact I think I might have trouble choosing between fight club and slots 9 and 10. Maybe I should list my top 20

  3. American Gangster
    Gangs of New York
    The Patriot
    Slumdog Millionaire

    What have I started, my brain has been racing all evening. I think I'll redo my list as a top 25 movies and watch one very fortnight for a year. Tonight I watched The Bourne Supremacy.

    Oh crap, that wasn't in the list :-/


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