Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Forgive me ether it has been 2 months since my last confession

Despite getting great satisfaction from SHOUTING into the ether, like some poor demented soul, I have been unable to put finger tips to keyboard for 2 months.  Yes, I have excuses; yes, they are all perfectly reasonable; no, I am not happy about it; no, I feel powerless to change it.  Well, until now that is.  Unfortunately, I now discover that I have literally nothing to say.  Actually, this is not strictly true, I have oodles to say but nothing appropriate to share on this medium.  I have struggled to spend quality time with my family, I have hardly cycled, I have read very few blogs, I have missed some games nights, I have not rung my Mum and why have I forsaken all these things?  Short pause whilst I try to grandstand the inevitable, yes you guessed it, like millions of other "saddos" I have allowed work to consume my life.  One maxim that has defined my existence so far has been "Life is about the journey, not the destination".  I feel I have been forgetting this of late fellow ether dwellers, so I herby vow to grab time back from work and share it equally amongst those pursuits listed above....  Look out for many blogs on these subjects in the weeks to follow.


  1. Nice post, just a little puzzled by the random Volkswagen-related name change.

    "I, state your own name, do..."

  2. I have tried to remain pure and unsullied by advertising since rrrrrr whites lemon-a-a-a-ade

    I can honestly say that I can hum the flower duet without booking an air line ticket, I can use a work surface that isn't 100% free of germs and I don't feel a compulsion to make a claim after tripping at work. I was completely unaware that the one time car of the people firm from Germany operates under the same guiding principles as yours truly.

    Sorry for any confusion, I am not and have never been a reliable little runner...

  3. I like this quote but prefer "its not the length of life, but the depth" clever fellow Emerson.

  4. Hi Darren,
    Thank you for that quote from RWE, clever fellow indeed. He was a poet and philosopher that produced one of my 3 favourite (or defining) quotes: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"


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