Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lessons from Mary Shelly

Two blogs in one day. There must be some drama. Well there is of sorts, for all us gaming types. I've coerced one of my colleagues to start playing board games, it may have been the bright shiny iPad (what still no product review?) version that drew him in but now he is in, well lets say he's hooked. After many games where the student has performed well and the patient but sage old master has coaxed and mentored him, and sufficient games were under the belt, the student declared its time to score - a true gamer at heart. This week we have set ourselves a challenge, play 10 games of Small World on the iPad and record the scores. In case of a draw we'll use point "goal" difference to declare the champ. Monday was a washout - too much work for both - yesterday saw us manage 2 games over lunch with a draw and Student up on goal difference. All fine so far. Today has been an humiliating defeat for the old master, 2 - 0 to the student. Faced with this stunning performance, the student was gracious, and courteous in victory and with self effacing humility reinforced the quality of the lessons he has received. Not. With taunting and jibing, and claims of "you're finished old timer", we have engaged in a little email debate. The scene is set, justice must be metered out, the universe must be brought back into balance. Game on for tomorrow :-)

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  1. It's difficult to tell which of the figures above, best depict the story - Obviously a map full of Elves, Halflings and Gouls with only 4 Skeleton regions in reply is pretty telling, but a goal difference of 76 (ave 19 better per game) is also quite astonishing. I feel the need to quote Star Wars at this stage "and now....I am the Master" - Yes, yes this might go mightly wrong tomorrow, but for now, this is sweet, in the extreme - thanks for all of your help and advice Jimbo, it was instrumental - but you know the saying: "The best coaches..... don't make the best players"....Game on indeed ....Jace

  2. Well if it's Star Wars quotes you want...

    "Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you."
    -- Yoda