Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Not sure if any one else has seen it or not, but there is a general election in the UK on 6th May 2010.  It’s clear that voter apathy has lead to poor turnout at general elections in the UK previously.  This graffiti-pedia page has the UK ranked joint 25th.  My personal voter turnout has been just as poor, as until recently I lived in the constituency of Henley with such Conservative luminaries as Michael Heseltine and Boris Johnson – so I felt my vote would not make any difference either way against the swathes of Tory Heartlanders.  Currently the MP is John Howell, no I’d not heard of him either.

Last year we moved home only 4.3 miles away from where we used to live.  It struck me that we may just have moved far enough to be out of the Henley constituency and be in a position where at last my vote would actually count! So after a little bit of research I discovered I have indeed shifted from the Henley constituency to the Wantage constituency.  With a renewed vigour I started to brush up on the political agenda’s of each of the main parties and then looked for the current incumbent.  It turns out to be Ed Vaizey  a conservative, onetime close pal of the neighbouring Cameron family until a recent faux pas.  More conservative than Margret Thatcher, so again I think my vote has become redundant. 

 According to the Telegraph it would take a swing of 19.5% to switch from Conservative to Labour in Wantage – it would have switched to Liberals first clearly but still a similar swing is required.

This is the spread of votes at the last election in Wantage:

During my recent fervour of interest in government and politics I downloaded the 75Mb conservative manifesto, so perhaps I’ll précis it for you in the next blog.


  1. That would be good Jim Sue was having a look at the manifesto today at work but ran out time to really to get to grips with it. Me I'm waiting for the Lib Dems to be released didn't really do very well up here last time. Saw on our local news yesterday a 18 year lad working in McDonalds :) is standing as an independant in our constituency.

  2. I had a quick flick through it tonight. Fascinating that the angle played out in the media is often very different from the personal view of the document. I shall persevere, even if it just gives an alternative view to the received wisdom in the media. Give me a couple of days though :-(


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